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Rumblepup's Valentine's Day Sale. 25% Off Everything!

Rumblepup's Valentine's Day Sale.  25% Off Everything!

If you think Valentine's Day is a great way to get your significant other finally off of those life ending cigarettes, then it's time that we have a little pow wow.

Valentine's Day is a time to remember to say something special, to do something special, to feel just a little more special for you lover.  I know, I know, "but I treat my SO special everyday!"  Of course you do!

But on Valentine's Day, let's do something even more special.  Let's save their life.

And let's make it that much more easier to do.  Save 25% off you're entire order.  No minimum purchase required.

And to make it all a bit better?  Enter to win our Valentine's Day Giveaway.   Our full line in the nicotine of your choice!

Just join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rumblepupsteamelixir/ and you'll see this same banner.  Just like our page, share the giveaway post, and post a reply on the thread.

Happy Valentine's and Good Luck!

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